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         Hilarious VISUAL PUNS Cartoon Book

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                           "Hollywood Destiny"



                                 "The Berlin Wall"                                    Exhibition in Germany

                                                                 "Fantasy Island"                   "Lovers"

                                                       "Muz-icle"                        "Lady's Room"


"The Pizza Machine"                                                                                         "Doggy Art"

            "Sanctuary"                             "The Last Supper"                               "My Pieta"                                        





"Angst"                          "Politically Correct" #1            "Politically Correct" #2


      "Saxy Ladies"                            "Street People"                         "Wedding Dance"


    "Fuzzy Slippers"                    "Le' Trollopine"                  "Primordial Impulse"


   "4 Easy Pieces for String Quartet"  
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........AND NOW........
    "A Cornucopia of Cleverly Concocted Cartoons...
Capturing a Copious Collection of Saxual Silliness"

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            SAX  APPEAL                SAXUAL AROUSAL       A  LITTLE  SAX on the SIDE      A BRIEF SAXUAL ENCOUNTER
           CASUAL  SAX           DIMINISHED SAX  DRIVE           SAXUAL  ABUSE             SAX  and VIOLENCE

SAX  O' FFENDER                 SAX  FIEND                    BI-SAXUAL                    SAX  CHANGE

                    "Saxual Fantasies" cartoon book $24.98

                          45  Drawings on 8x11 spiral bound pages.....

      "Saxual Fantasies Video" click here:

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