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                       RAY PIZZI 

           Rare  Live and Recorded Performances
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1.) From my CD  "Espressivo" Ray Pizzi-Bassoon,Sax,Flute,  John Chiodini-Guitar,  Dave Parlotta-Bass, Gary Denton-Drums
    Ode to a Toad, bassoon.mp3      Spinners, soprano sax.mp3
       Espressivo, flute.mp3       Round About Midnite,solo bssn.mp3

    1a.) From my CD  "Appassionato" Ray Pizzi-Bassoon, Sax, Flute, Dan Sawyer Guitar, Mark Levine Piano, John Morell Guitar
                 Prayer for Simon.mp3       
Maddalena.mp3       Pizza Machine.mp3     Ballad for MPZ.mp3

    1b.) F
rom my CD "Conception"
Ray Pizzi-Bassoon, Sax, Flute, Dan Sawyer Guitar, Greg Mathieson Piano, John Morell Guitar
    Willow Creek Bassoon.mp3           Angels Crest Sop Sax.mp3     
Conception Sop Sax.mp3

      1c.) From my CD  "I Hear You" Ray Pizzi-Bassoon Sax  Flute, Wolfgang Lackerschmid-Vibes
                 You and Me. flute mp3
      Jesu,Joy, solo bassoon.mp3      Small Talk. bssn + vibes mp3

 1d.) From my CD "Windrider"   Ray Pizzi-Bassoon, Sax, Flute
                 Sonatine, flute mp3
               Deja Vu, flute mp3                Enamorado.mp3

    1e.) From my CD "Loveletter"Ray Pizzi-Bassoon Sax Flute, Frank Zottoli Pno, Dave Edelstein Bs, Ralph Humphrey Dr, Art Johnson Guit.
Alicia (original recording).mp3         Song for Granpa.mp3         CAKES .mp3 

    1f.) From my CD "Thumbs Up"  Live Recording: Ray Pizzi-Sax-Flute,  Mitch Holder-Guitar, Carol Kaye-Bass
Thumbs Up.mp3     Valdez in the Country.mp3     Gentle Giant.mp3    Freefall.mp3     Green Dolphin Street.mp3

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2.) "Piece for Jazz Bassoon and Orchestra" by Henry Mancini dedicated to Ray Pizzi
                 live at Disney Concert Hall 2004  "Piece for Jazz Bassoon and Orchestra".mp3 

    2a.) "Something for Pizzi"
by Henry Mancini from the movie "SWITCH"  Ray Pizzi Soprano Sax  Something For Pizzi, soprano sax.mp3

"Peter Gunn" with Henry Mancini (live PBS TV) Ray Pizzi-Bassoon solo view video

3.) "GUS the Spider" Ray Pizzi-Bassoon and Moqui Lund-vocal. (totally improvised) Gus the Spider.mp3  OR view video

  3a.) "GATOR SRUT" Ray Pizzi- Bumpkin Bassoon and Martin Lund- Redneck Flute Gator Strut VIDEO

4.) Moacir Santos Legendary Brazilian Composer. Ray Pizzi Soprano Sax Bluish Men.mp3  Flute City of LA.mp3

    4a.) Dori Caymmi
Brazilian Composer, Ray Pizzi-Bassoon,  Curumin.mp3

"Predator 2" Ray Pizzi Bassoon and Hose-oon is the Predators voice, improvised Predator 2.mp3  OR view video

    5a.) Star Wars- Return of the Jedi "Jabbas Band Lapti-Nek" Ray Pizzi, Bassoon Jabbas Band.mp3  

Ray Pizzi Live Concert at LACMA 2010 "Song for Granpa" view video   "Tuscaloosa AL"
view video

Live Concert at IDRS 1987 "Ode to a Toad" view video  "Girl from Ipanema"  view video  "Prayer for Simon" view video

7.) Ray Pizzi on FLUTE...
Ray Pizzi
        Samantha.mp3         Sonatina.mp3         Alicia.mp3   (recorded live at Mancini Institute-UCLA 2004) 

8.) Cagney and Lacey TV Theme Ray Pizzi and Ernie Watts Alto Sax, Bill Conti composer. Cagney and Lacey Theme.wav

  8a.) Ray Pizzi Alto Sax Solos:  
"Angel Eyes"    "House of the Rising Sun"   "Sad a Little Bit"   "Chicano Blues"

9.) "Serling Silver" Free Jazz with legendary drummer Billy Higgins, from John Wood CD "Drum Machines Have No Soul" volume 3
              Ray Pizzi-Soprano Sax, Billy Higgins, drums, John Wood, piano, Tony Dumas, bass.  Serling Silver.mp3

    9a.) "Intermezzo"
Ballad Improv, with Pianist Paul Astin and Ray Pizzi, Tenor Sax,   Intermezzo.mp3 
    9b.) Dizzy Gillespie  " Dizzy's Party"
 Ray Pizzi  soprano sax   Dizzy and  Pizzi  mp3

Michael Feinstein "The Mole People" Ray Pizzi  Bassoon solo  The Mole People.mp3

"FOCUS"  Eddie Sauter
Classic 1950's 3rd stream orchestral piece, originally written for Stan Getz. This version, is with Ray Pizzi  sax soloist. 90% of the sax solos are improvised, truly worth a listen, "It's Pizzi, all the way, truely a masterpiece"  
                 FOCUS, movements 1+ 2              FOCUS 3rd movement

12.) "I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face"  RPz-Tenor Sax, arranger  Accustomed To Your Face.mp3  OR view funny video 

"Chelsea Bridge"
Billy Strayhorn Ray Pizzi-Soprano Sax   Chelsea Bridge.mp3

14.) with Frank Marocco jazz accordionist Ray Pizzi-Bassoon Sax Flute
Jitterbug Waltz.mp3       Reverie.mp3       Home Again .mp3     Ecaroh .mp3      Serenity.mp3

15.) "Sonatine"
Pierre Gabaye  duet with Alicia Pizzi-Flute,  Ray Pizzi-Bassoon live performance at CSUN   Sonatine.mp3 

LIEBESTOD.mp3 Tenor Sax Solo on R.Wagner Opera.  The most bizarre in my collection! Through the miracle of hi-tech, I am performing with a 1940's newsreel taping of this concert with the NY Metropolitan Opera conducted by Arturo Toscanini.....AND, playing with 2 of my former teachers, who were on this orchestra during those years, Simon Kovar, bassoon and Attilio Poto, clarinet, WOW! How's that for happenstance? This project was an experiment to contemporize Wagner's opera, Tristan und Isolde by one of the most talented and imaginative writers I've ever had the thrill, challenge and pleasure to work with, Frederick Myrow. May God Bless your soul Freddie. 

17.) Live with Topanga Canyon Elementary 6th Grade. "Minor Blues"
Ray Pizzi-Flute  view video

18.) "Yo' Lovin' Don't Come Free"  Yo' Lovin Don't Come Free.mp3   Cash McCall,  " Cash Up Front." Ray Pizzi-Alto Sax Solo.  
19.) The RONDELS,
1960-1963. Performed on American Bandstand 1960  (for photo, click here: pictures.htm)
Jimmie Petze, lead guitar,      Lennie Petze, rhythm guitar,      Lennie Collins, drums,     Ray Pizzi, sax - flute (original 45 rpm records)
Backbeat#1.mp3     Shades of Green.mp3    Caldonia.mp3    110 Pounds of Drums.mp3
My Prayer.mp3     Satan's Theme. mp3      Cover Charge.mp3  view video      Bo Diddley.mp3

visit The Rondels new website:
.) The Rhythm Rockers, 1959  ( for photo, click: pictures.htm)  (original 45 rpm)
 Jimmie Petze, lead guitar,     Lennie Petze, rhythm guitar,     Nickie Latteo, vocal,     Eddie Grisbe, drums,     Ray Pizzi, baritone sax,
    Madness.mp3      Oh Oh Honey.mp3

.) "Grease" (the movie) "We Go Together"  Ray Pizzi, tenor sax solo, arranged by Michael Gibson  Grease.mp3

.) "Back to the Future" "Night Train" (at the school dance). Ray Pizzi, tenor sax solo,   Night Train.mp3  

23.) "Rhapsody in Blue" with Milcho Leviev and L.A. Jazz Choir, Ray Pizzi, clarinet , soprano, tenor sax  Rhapsody in Blue.mp3 
An unprecedented performance of Gershwin's masterpiece. "Truly a historic moment in American Music."
         Listen to Milcho's appreciative voice mail to me:  voice mail.mp3

24.) "Sad a Little Bit" with Milcho Leviev Ray Pizzi's alto sax solo is "fraught with emotion"   Sad a Little Bit.mp3 

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