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Ray Pizzi
Special Moments and Special People

y First Band: 1947
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My Dad:(Nicola), Lil' Me,
Brother Carmine and Uncle Sam
(I can still smell Uncle Sam's Parodi cigar)

My Technique was Bad,
however, my Tone was Awful.


Quincy High Yearbook - 1960

( determined to live my dream )

The Rondels
Back Beat #1:
RPz MP3 page  (#19)
Jimmie Petze,  Ray Pizzi
Lennie Collins,  Lennie Petze,

The Rhythm Rockers, 1959
"Madness" and "Oh Oh Honey"
Jimmie, Lennie Petze, Eddie Grisbe,
Nickie Latteo, Ray Pizzi
: RPz MP3 page  (#20)

Woody Herman and RPz,
President Hotel, NYC 1967

Mr. Pizzi, band and classroom music teacher.
North Junior High School, Randolph MA. 1969
Scott Belgard  photo

RPz with Henry Mancini and Jack Elliot, 
Their 30 years of support and
encouragement, helped establish 
my career in music. Thanks, guys.

 Hank Mancini "flipping me the bird"
  on a National TV Broadcast,
   "The Mancini Generation"

Premiere of "Piece for Jazz Bassoon
and Orchestra" written for me by
Henry Mancini and commissioned by
   Jack Elliot and the New American Orchestra
found on: RPz MP3 page (#2)

 RPz and Dizzy Gillespie
RCA studios 1978

found on: RPz MP3 page  (#9B)
Phil Stern photo

Ray Pizzi headlines at
the Hollywood Paladium

Ken Hor

Years back, when the
music industry CELEBRATED
and AWARDED musicianship.

The Wind Syndicate
Miriam Clarke, RPz, Morton Lewis,
this mighty woodwind trio won
2nd place in the Hennessy National Jazz search in NYC.
Kathleen Lewis  photo   

The End of the Rainbow

"A stunningly soulful 15 minute short, done with
tenderness, an uplifting key, raw emotion and riffing energy"

Hollywood Reporter

I starred in this award winning film
about a saxophonist who couldn't remember the bridge
to "Over the Rainbow."  Frustrated and dejected
  he jumps off the fire escape.........In his last breath,
he hears the ambulance siren playing the notes of the bridge.
"wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah""

"End of the Rainbow"
Director Lazlo Papas
showing me how to die.

            Michael Newman photo

The colors of the Rainbow
  begin to appear and inspire.

Trying to act like I don't know
the bridge to "Over the Rainbow"
(a daunting task!)  Producer/director,
Marino Colmano kept saying to me......
"You sound like you know you know it."
Michael Newman photo

click: End of the Rainbow starring Ray Pizzi
  DVD available at :  (click on store of award winning films) 


(photographer unknown)

 Donna Zweig  photo

photo by Michael Rosen. visit:  digivisions

    Bob Barry photos 2005

Bob Barry photos 2008

copyright photos by Abe Perlstein  visit:

Featured soloist with LA Phil.
"Frontiers" Symphony
composed by Frederick Myrow.

the Mad Bassoonist
Kit Craig photo

"PIZZI"  by Bobby Shew

 Say What???
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Concerts in Germany

 Loni Joanni photos

.....Been there.....Done that.....What's Next???

Quick!!! ..... Somebody SAVE the CIGAR !!!!
photo by Bob and Cathy Conley, Alfred Maine

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